11 Saucy and Sultry Intimacy Tips to Reignite Your Passion

9 Jan

It may not be scientifically proven (yet), but the stress of the holidays can really play havoc with your sex life! Just think, there’s all that stress: Christmas prezzies, making the turkey, keeping the bickering family members from turning Christmas dinner into a live game of Clue and contending with the neighbor across the street’s Christmas decoration light pollution as you’re trying to fall asleep.

Christmas only comes once a year because our nerves (and sex drives) couldn’t handle it! Now that things have calmed down, it’s time to turn up the steam in the bedroom. Here are 11 saucy and sultry intimacy tips to reignite your passion and keep it lit throughout 2011!

1. Be spontaneous. Don’t allow routine to rush back in all at once. Instead, take time to be spontaneous. Schedule a day trip out, pull a fake sickie and spend the day in bed with your love, romping and rolling.

2. Be cheesy and leave a love note. Post-it notes  and Sharpies were made for this sort of thing! Scribble “I love you” or “You looked sexy in that ________ yesterday” on a Post-it note and leave it in a place where your love will find it. They’ll fall in love with you all over again; sometimes, it really is the little things!

3. Be complimentary. You know those couples who make your gut churn with how lovey-dovey they are? Be them for a day! You don’t have to manhandle each other in public and you don’t have to engage in an intense make-out session in the supermarket, you can just compliment your partner in public, loud enough for someone to hear and get that gut churny feeling. It’s nice being the cause of it, for once.

4. Be vocal. Enjoying that orgasm? Let them know, after all, they are putting some effort into it. How about showing them how good it was by loosening up and giving them a good shout. Nothing says you turn me on better than a properly executed moan of pure pleasure.

5. Be naughty. So you’re out in public, maybe you’re doing the grocery shopping and you notice that your partner is looking particularly sexy, or you just remembered that steamy night you had a few day ago. Let them know, lean over and whisper in their ear. Tell them what you’re going to do to them when you get home. It’ll be the fastest shopping trip of your life.

6. Be suggestive. Bored on the train? Stuck in traffic? Text messages may not have been created for sultry sentiments, but they make the perfect medium for letting your significant other know that you appreciate them and love them. Text them something tastefully naughty.

7. Be a good listener. Voltaire said, “The road to the heart is the ear.” Listen to what your partner has to say about their plans for the future, their needs, their hopes and dreams and show them that you’re listening by engaging in conversation. Are you quieter than your partner? Shake things up by initiating the conversation some days. Is your partner the wildflower? Ask their opinion before you share yours, it’ll make them feel appreciated and important.

8. Be willing to learn. Ask your partner to direct you–very specifically–in how he or she likes to be touched. Everybody knows, repetition is the key to learning, so repeat, repeat, repeat!

9. Be daring. Now, we’d never promote any illegal activity, but there’s a soft spot in our hearts for exhibitionism here at The Flirt Files. We’re not telling you to get busy beneath the streetlights or anything like that, but a thick blanket at a football game might be just the intro you need to the wonderful world of exhibitionism.

10. Be focused. Kiss with concentration. Focus on them when talking and pay attention!

11. Be you. They fell in love with you for who you are. Be you, with all your imperfections and your fears, quirks, beauty and love. Be who you are, always.


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