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File No. 5: Vodka + Car = Blowjob

21 Nov

Bulgarian vodka manufacturers, Flirt, have rewritten a proven equation for disaster.
From the early days of D.A.R.E. , that 1980s program established to keep kids off drugs, to driver’s ed videos, the message that drinking + driving = death has been drilled into our heads.

This is the aftermath that we have come to expect from drinking and driving:

Apparently, in Russia, drinking and driving leads to:

Sure, sex sales. Sure, we love flirting. But this is a step too far.

Flirt has unleashed a number of sexually-suggestive ads that push the boundaries over the years. From knee condoms

that have been marketed to women who give blowjobs to raunchy public restroom sex with an angel keeping tally … .

Is this insinuation a little too extreme, though? If it were in any other place except a car would it still be effective?